Eve University Benefactors

The following pilots and corporations have donated ISK directly to Eve University, assisting it in it's mission to educate the capsuleers of New Eden. All donations are welcome, no matter how small, however donations via other methods are not currently listed.


Artemis Renard Asayanami Dei Bex Valeur capTerraner
Ceragor Chromoys CJoriginal Creed44
Darenko Dasrufken Delilah Wild Dennie Fleetfoot
Dermab Djeviln Dys Novus Ghost JaneF
Isact Wrex jadedkiss Jalxan James Arget
Jensk Josef North Julien Mesbusces Kalem Nalesh
Karma Kelduum Revaan Kriegarman Luzxz
Maelcom Grey Magister Droom Milion Marill Mulesbane
Naidol OspreyPrime Polarina Qato Vollan
Raddick Tseng Rendar Rendhammer Ryokosman Staborr
Starcraftre Telemachus Stargazer Wormhole Club XaiViaN Mo'Bi
Xion Altar Ykuba Zerolis Zodials
158 anonymous pilots.

Total: 206 pilots.


Adequately Caffeinated Evoluxa Ghost Clan Industries
Qvanti Canicvla Ille In Fenestra Screwing The Rules Steel Sun Inc.
Synergy Capital Management 5 anonymous corporations.

Total: 12 corporations.

By default, all donations are listed as anonymous unless the benefactor has requested to be listed publicly.
To be listed here, make a donation of any value and include the keyword 'PUBLIC' (all upper case) in your donation reason text.
If you later decide you would rather become anonymous, simply send a further donation of any value with the reason including the keyword 'PRIVATE' and you will be removed from the list at the next update.
Please see the UniWiki article on Donating to Eve University for full information how to donate items and ISK.

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