Ivy League - Policies

Ivy League Policies

This is a copy of the current Ivy League Policies. Full policies, along with any corporation specific changes are available on the forums.


  • IVY members are to act with respect towards other pilots within IVY and across Eve Online.
  • IVY members are not to smack-talk in local or in any other channels under any circumstances.
  • IVY members will not be involved in any form of scamming or dishonest activity, directed toward either other members of IVY or other citizens of Eve.
  • IVY members may not steal from or otherwise harass suspected script or macro users. If you think you've found someone using a script or macro, petition them via the usual process.
  • IVY is primarily a teaching alliance, with people at all stages of knowledge and experience. Taking advantage of another members lack of experience is strictly prohibited.
  • Please also see the Ivy League Code of Conduct for more detail in this area.

HiSec and LoSec Travel, NullSec (0.0) Access

  • For important neutrality reasons, IVY members are not permitted in nullsec, unless as part of a director authorized event or project.
  • Any travel in or though low security space is done so at your own risk. Escorts should be arranged for any valuable materials.
  • Autopilot should be avoided if possible in all space, and relevant precautions must be taken during wartime.

Wormhole Access

  • Entering wormhole space (w-space) is done so entirely at your own risk and members should ensure that they take sufficient resources with them when entering.
  • All members must avoid exits which lead to nullsec known-space (k-space), only using a wormhole leading to nullsec k-space if there are absolutely no alternatives. In this event, members must contact a director via [b]convo or forum PM before proceeding, then travel directly and immediately to the nearest losec system without stopping.

Rules of Engagement

  • War Targets (Red Backed Star)
  • IVY members may initiate combat with war targets at will, however they should avoid doing so without sufficient support. Pod-killing of war targets is actively encouraged as a deterrent to the hostile force.
  • Criminally Flagged (Red Backed Skull)
  • IVY members may initiate combat with player-pirates who are criminally flagged, for reason including (but not limited to) theft, unprovoked attack or security status below -5.0. Note that a criminal flag for theft does not propagate further than corporation members and other IVY corporations cannot retaliate for theft from another corporation.
  • Enemies of the Alliance (Red backed -)
  • IVY members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space, including pursuing them into their space and attacking industrial assets (miners, facilities, etc).
  • Those hostile to the Alliance (Orange Backed -)
  • IVY members may initiate combat with these groups in lowsec, nullsec and w-space. You may not pursue into their own territory, and should engage only if they are acting in a hostile manner (gate camps, etc). Industrial assets are not to be engaged.
  • Neutral Pilots in IVY Controlled Nullsec Space (Grey Backed =)
  • IVY members may initiate combat with neutrals in Sovereign IVY space. We operate a NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot it) policy for security purposes. This only applies to the systems where Ivy League has sovereignty.
  • Neutral Pilots in Other Space
  • IVY members may not initiate combat with neutral players in lowsec, nullsec and w-space unless attacked first. If this happens, please notify a director to apply alliance standings to the hostile and pursue diplomatic relations.
  • Non Aggression Pacts (NAP) (Light blue backed +)
  • IVY members will not engage any player who has 'NAP' standings unless as a last resort. These groups have agreed to a ceasefire with IVY, and as such any pilot violating this should be reported to a director immediately.
  • Friends of the Alliance (Dark blue backed +)
  • Joint operations and mixed membership fleets are available with these groups, however only against Enemies of the Alliance. IVY Members will not engage these Friends unless as a last resort. Any problems should be reported to a director immediately.


  • IVY members will not speak to hostiles via local or private conversations, either during Empire wars or in lowsec/nullsec and w-space. Any attempts by hostiles to contact a member must be reported to a director.
  • During fleet operations there is a strict no-talking-in-local policy. Fleet Commanders may soften this at their discretion.
  • During fleet operations there is a 'no chat' restriction on the teamspeak channel for the duration of the operation. Communications must be kept clear for reporting. Fleet Commanders may soften this at their discretion.
  • IVY members are not authorised to post on the 'Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center' of the Eve Online forums unless given explicit permission by a director of their corporation.
  • IVY members are not authorised to post on any thread on the Eve Online forums which mentions a current or past war involving IVY, unless given explicit permission by a director.
  • IVY members must post all PvP kills and losses to the Killboard, and all posts to the Killboard should include a comment on the situation which lead to the kill/loss. These are an invaluable resource for both Fleet Commanders and the Diplomatic Team, and do not include losses from NPCs or from other members of your corporation such as events.

Looting and Salvaging

  • IVY members may loot, salvage or steal ore from Enemies of the Alliance or Criminally Flagged groups, however you do this at your own risk. All others should be asked before looting or salvaging - this includes the killer of a wreck, not just the owner.
  • All Loot from war targets destroyed during fleet operations should be passed to the Fleet Commander who should then pass it to a director or place it in the sorting hangar if not available. All loot is then sold to replace combat losses.

Mixed Fleets

All members of IVY are reminded that that gangs and fleets containing anyone other than current Ivy League members are prohibited for any PvP operations.

The single exception is that you are hunting a specific -10 standings group (dark red), in which case you are permitted to have a mixed fleet containing +10 standing groups (dark blue).

Any other combinations, whether the pilots have or have had membership in IVY previously are prohibited, and risk everyone involved being removed from the alliance.

In the event you are in a non-PvP fleet, and are involved in PvP (industry, missions etc) the kill must be posted to the killboard and include a full description of the situation.

There can be no excuses for mixed PvP fleets, as it has proven to cause severe problems for us to prove our neutrality in the past, and endangers everything the alliance stands for.


    Failure to follow the above may result in one or more of the listed consequences. These may varies between member corporations.
  • An unpleasant talk with a senior member of your corporation or another senior member of the Alliance.
  • Reduction or removal of roles/titles within your corporation.
  • Destruction of your ship and/or pod.
  • Expulsion from your corporation.

Any questions on or clarifications of the above should be referred to a director.

Recent Updates:
14 Mar 2009 - Updated to include w-space, updated communications.
12 Jul 2008 - Carified and updated empire and 0.0 travel/access policies.
19 Jun 2008 - Integrated Mixed Fleet policy.
20 Sep 2007 - Update to RoE. Added War Targets and clarified Criminally Flagged.
25 Aug 2007 - First version.