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General Info

Aldrat is a solar system in the Aptetter Constellation of the Metropolis region of known-space. The EVE University Headquarters is located at the Pator Tech School. While using The Skillbook Program does not require University members to be at Aldrat IX - Pator Tech School, it is nevertheless an NPC school station and skillbooks may be purchased from NPCs on the open market at that station.



Aldrat VII - Moon 7 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve

This station has a Repair shop and a 50% Refinery

Aldrat VIII - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting

Has a 50% Refinery and a Cloning Facility.

Aldrat IX - Pator Tech School

Many University services are based at this station, most notably Research services and the Corporation Hangar. It also has 51 Manufacturing slots, does have a Cloning Facility, Repair shop and a 50% Refinery.

Aldrat IX - Moon 13 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Mineral Reserve

Has a 50% Refinery and a Repair shop.

Asteroid Belts

All asteroid belts contain Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, and Omber. There are 9 Asteroid Belts in Aldrat

Ice Belts

There aren't Ice Belts in Aldrat, however, in nearby Eygfe and Nein, there are.


For additional information on planet type, please read the planets section of the Eve University Planetary Interaction Guide.


  • Steddil Audorgeir, L4, Q13, Division: Mining (located Aldrat VII, Moon 7, Minmatar Mining Corporation)
  • Abanen Artaya, L2, Q17, Division: Advisory (located Aldrat VIII, Moon 1, Caldari Business Tribunal)
  • Benresur Enmoin, L2, Q12, Division: Internal Security (located Aldrat IX, Moon 13, Minmatar Mining Corporation)
  • Kagnelar Arstin, L2, Q3, Division: Advisory (located Aldrat IX, Pator Tech School)

Additional Info

The Aldrat solar system is a branch off of the Olbra-Moselgi Pipe, meaning that any Stargate route to the rest of known-space must go through the Olbra or Moselgi solar systems, as shown in the diagram below.

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