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Eve University occupies a unique position in EVE. In theory, as the largest hi-sec corporation in EVE, and containing a large proportion of new players, Eve University would represent one of the most attractive targets in EVE. The reality is different; in order to prevent constant wardecs, the closure of the corp and the loss of new players, Eve University has wartime policies that allow us to continue to function and provide both PvP and PvE while mounting an effective defence that frustrates griefers and those looking for easy kills.


About War in Eve University

A corporation declares war by paying CONCORD a fee to do so. Once at war, the corporations involved may shoot, kill and pod each other in high security space without CONCORD response. At the end of a one week period, the fee is paid again, or the war expires. There are no victory conditions or special gameplay mechanics.

New players can and do make valuable contributions in PvP combat. New players typically fly frigates as a "tackler", whose job is to pin down the enemy while the larger and slower ships move in for the kill. Our corporate hangars can provide the needed ships and modules for free, which you can then insure and lose.

During war large Eve University fleets typically form 2 or 3 times a day. Small fleets form from time to time, but expect to spend some time doing nothing in station. War in hi-sec space can often descend into frustrating games of 'cat and mouse', with one side unwilling to engage when the other side has an advantage.

Group PvP in EVE is different from other MMOs - most of the time is spent in preparation, maneuvering, and gathering intelligence - the actual battle is short and often decided before it begins.

What you can learn about or do during war in Eve University

  • Fitting and flying basic PvP roles
  • Operation in fleets
  • PvP organisation in large corps/alliances
  • Command a fleet
  • Blow up an occassional wartarget

What you will probably NOT learn or do during war in Eve University

  • Solo PvP
  • Small gang PvP
  • Blow up lots of wartargets
  • Be fighting constantly

Applicants and corp members have a choice

Those who wish to fight in the war remain in or join the E-UNI corporation itself. Whilst at war, non-PvP activities are forbidden to full E-UNI members. This includes hauling, mining, missioning, exploration etc.

Those who wish to continue on as normal during wartime, engaging in non-PvP activities, may leave the UNI for the duration of the war, or they do not join the corporation itself. Although not technically in the UNI, these players may continue to participate in University classes, work with other members, and are generally considered to be Eve University members, with some limitations.

Both groups gather in a common chat channel, which is the equivalent of a typical Corp chat window. Our internal Corp chat is used for military and wartime related messages, and for requesting resources. The RO will provide you with the details for this common channel when you complete the interview.

You may transition between these two groups at any time without penalty, although please remember that returning to the corporation requires that you re-apply, which takes up our RO's time!

Option 1: Join The Forums, Join the Chat Channel, Join for War

  • Register for our forums in game via
  • You should have your UserID and Limited API Key handy, from
  • Make sure you have read the text above, and that you understand that war is boring a lot of the time.
  • Understand that you must not be involved in anything but PvP during wartime - this means no mining, running missions, hauling or other solo activities during the war.
  • Follow our normal application instructions, and state that you would like to become a full member for the war.
  • You will need to move to Aldrat before we can accept you during wartime as all operations begin and end there - moving prior to your interview will speed up the joining process greatly.
  • It's a good idea to bring more than 1 combat ship if possible - frigates are ideal for starting pilots. We can provide fittings and advice in the event you cannot provide your own.

Your RO will authorise your access to the relevant sections of the forums, and provide you with the initial details to access the Chat channel. Once you have joined the channel, they will introduce you.

Option 2: Join the Forums, Join the Chat Channel, DO NOT Join for the War

Access to resources such as skillbooks and hangars are not available in this situation, however our forums are a large component of Eve University, and as such they are full of useful information for all pilots, whether a member of not. Joining the forum also 'fast tracks' your application when the war completes, as you have already passed the initial security checks.

Your RO will authorise your access to the relevant sections of the forums, and provide you with the initial details to access the Chat channel. Once you have joined the channel, they will introduce you.

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