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The University will now be offering copy services for Eve University members through Ivy League Research and Development , a part of the Ivy League. (Corp Ticker: IL-RD)
The procedures and restrictions are listed below.

Goals of the Program

  • Allow new industrialists a chance to get BPCs
  • Expand services offered through the University
  • Minimize the risk exposed to both the University and students.



  • Copying will run 20k isk per hour


  • No more than 1 BPO copied per person per week, to help open this up to as many people as possible
  • If demand exceeds supply, members new to the program will get priority over members who frequently use the program.
  • Due to skills of the Alt running this program, it is restricted to BPOs that do not require specialized skills to copy (specific to that bpo)


  • The BPO Copying Service will go active on April 4th 2010.
  • Expect 1-2 days both before a job is installed, and after the copying is done before the job is delivered.
  • This program is overseen by a small staff of alts, and can cause some small delays.
  • For example, if the character overseeing plays from 18:00-24:00, it is very possible for you to submit a job at 00:05, it'll take to 18:00 hours before they see it, and it'll only get installed then if a slot is available.
  • Assuming a slot is available, it might finish at 03:00, and have to sit until 18:00 again to be delivered.
  • Please be patient, but if you feel a job has gone past what is reasonable, PM Azmodeus Valar who will look into it.


  • This program is NOT available during wartime.
  • Jobs completed during wartime will not be delivered until the end of war.
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