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What it is

Can flipping is simply stealing from a jetcan. This act flags the person taking from the can as a suspect. There are two main ways of can flipping

  • Taking from the can, gauging the reaction, then coming back in an industrial and emptying it
  • Placing their own jetcan next to the targets and transferring all the material from one to another

Why do it?

Why do people can flip? Is it to profit from AFK miners? It may seem so, but this is rarely the case. Most can flippers are attempting to get you to fire on them. How? By stealing from your jetcan, you are legally able to fire on them. However, as soon as you fire on them, they can fire on you as well. Why are they attempting to get you to fire on them? Because they (and probably some of their friends) are trying to destroy your ship. And even if you do destroy their initial ship, they will come back with something much more powerful, because they can fire on you freely for 5 minutes.

Note that if you have combat drones in space set to aggressive behaviour, they will NOT engage someone who flips your can on their own initiative. You can find the drone behaviour options in the drone settings window, which you can open by clicking on the white triangle in the top left of the drone control window when you're in space.

What to do when flipped

Ivy League Policy on Ore Theft/Can Flipping

If someone steals from you, this is what you do:

  1. Report the name, ship type and Location of the theft in Alliance chat. Be specific. (Link the name)
  2. Continue to observe the thief and DO NOT ENGAGE THE THIEF!
  3. Repeat the name, ship type and location of the theft in Alliance chat.
  4. If the thief warps off, give the direction of the warp.
  5. If you want to try and help shoot down the thief, dock and switch to a PVP ship and see below.

If someone flips your can, follow this checklist:

  1. Report the can flipper's name, ship type and location in Alliance chat. Be specific.
  2. Observe the flipper and if he warps off, give the direction of warp. If he returns in a new ship, update the information in Alliance chat.
  3. Repeat #1
  5. Do not reflip the can. Either use an out of corp alt to do that and then dock immediately to wait out the timer or let an older student or director perform the action in a heavy combat vessel.
  6. If you desire to help shoot down the flipper, dock and switch to a PVP ship.

Responding to the call of ore thief or can flipper:

  1. Note the time, name, ship type and location of call in Alliance chat. I also suggest writing it down.
  2. Undock in a combat pvp ship and warp to a planet or safe spot away from station.
  3. Put availability for fleet in Alliance chat. If there is no fleet, form one.
  4. You have 15 minutes, spend 5 minutes ensuring that there is a fleet and it's as large as possible. Make sure you have enough firepower, EW and tackling to handle the ship in question with ease. Any response to a can flipper/thief should be made with OVERWHELMING force.
  5. Hunt the thief with scouts, however nobody should engage alone. Do not open fire until the vast majority of the gang has arrived. Frigates can pop in seconds, do not give them free kills.
  6. Once gang arrives, turn thief/flipper into charcoal briquette.
  7. If the thief docks, check the time of the call and compare. If it is in the last 2 minutes of the timer and he undocks, DO NOT FIRE.
  8. Once the original timer is out, anyone with a timer remaining should dock and wait it out. Do not attempt to prolong the timer. When the main timer expires and he is no longer flashy, ignore the thief unless he goes flashy again. Do not play timer games. He should only be engaged during the main timer when he is flashy to everyone, unless you are directed by an Admiral or Director.

We are no longer going to play timer games with anyone. The thief gets 13 minutes. Once his main timer goes down, he should be ignored and anyone he can shoot should dock. If you have a yellow timer at the top left of your screen, you dock or sit at POS until that timer expires.

If we have situations where a thief is providing a constant and continuous stream of actions to grief the Uni, an admiral or director may order a lockdown to ensure that the griefer's fun is removed. During this time, people can, at the discretion of the corp officer calling the lockdown, be allowed to leave the system.

When a lockdown is called, dock immediately. Do not spam corp chat with questions or gripes. Dock and when possible, information as to what is going on will be relayed to you. A lockdown can occur at anytime, peace or war or even as a drill. The Uni wins through teamwork and discipline, which means that obeying the orders of the Admiralty and Directors when a lockdown is called is a requirement that everyone agreed to when they joined the corp.

Further notice: Do NOT sit afk in space outside of stations, gates, planets or anywhere at any time. Suicide gankers have killed haulers in Aldrat as an act of griefing already.


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