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This page is a part of the Curriculum2010 Review.



Curriculum2010 Review is a project organized by the Training Manager to ensure the current curriculum is thoroughly documented, and presented at both an adequate and sustainable level.

  • Adequate to the needs of the student body.
  • Sustainable by the teaching staff available to deliver it.


By the end of the project, the following work will have been done:

  • Every class taught by the uni will have a syllabus providing an overview-level description of the class and what should be taught in it.
  • Detailed information, where available, will be seperated out into a class guide.
  • Every class will be assigned to a school, indicating the area of the game it is associated with. This will serve no purpose internally within the uni at present, but is designed to assist students in finding classes of interest to them. For example, grouping pvp classes seperately to industrial ones.
  • Classes will be assigned to a tier indicating the frequency we wish them to be run.
  • A navigational template will be added to the end of all relevant class-associated pages on the wiki.
  • The class/tier list will be compared to the currently available teaching staff, in the hope of identifying any shortfall in manpower that needs to be addressed.


The current timescale for this project is to do an initial review of teaching needs and resources over March 2010, and compare this to the actual teaching done during this month. After making any necessary adjustments, this will be performed again in April 2010. Wiki edits will be ongoing through both of these months. The project aims to be complete by the end of April 2010.

How You Can Help

You can help with this effort by ensuring the syllabi on the wiki are as complete as possible. Please ensure that every class syllabus on the wiki contains the following template tag at the top of the page.


This tag should only be removed by the Training Manager, once they are happy the page is 100% valid. Presence of this tag does not indicate a problem with the content on the page - it is equally likely that it just hasn't been read through yet by the Training Manager, or that the new curriculum navigation block has not been added yet (at time of writing this block does not exist, so it certainly has not been added yet). It is not an indication that you need to do anything to fix your page, it is there as a reminder to the Training Manager that they need to finish reviewing that subject.

You can also help by Joining The Faculty and helping to teach these classes!

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