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Freighter Production Program

The Freighter Production Program is a service rendered by the EUNI Logistics Department, producing Obelisk freighters using its own set of Blueprint Originals. A new Obelisk is produced and launched every two weeks. The Freighters are available for purchase through two different pricing plans, both of which are below Jita prices.

Any student wishing on purchasing an Obelisk at a discount should contact Azmodeus Valar via Private Message on the EUNI forums if the student understands the conditions provided.



  • In the event of significant interest, Obelisks are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The current wait list will be maintained in this post.
  • Ships not claimed will pass to the next student on the wait list, or be sold on the general market.
  • Ships are for personal use only. There will be repercussions for students purchasing ships for the sole purpose of resale.
  • You must be within two weeks of flying a freighter.
  • One purchase per student.
  • Payment is expected in full at time of delivery. If funds are not available, the ship will be offered to the next person on the waiting list and current purchaser's name moved to the bottom.

Pricing Plans:

Plan 1: 3% Below Jita

Purchase the Obelisk based on current Jita prices minus a 3% discount. Bring the ISK and get the Obelisk.

Plan 2: BYOM

Bring Your Own Minerals to Aldrat and pay a processing fee of 80 million ISK.

Mineral Requirements

  • Trit: 95,003,797
  • Pyr: 12,588,101
  • Mex: 4,686,735
  • Iso: 679,873
  • Nocx: 200,416
  • Zyd: 31,525
  • Mega: 11,261
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