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The Ivy League Forum is located at https://www.eve-ivy.com/forums. All current members are required to register on the forum.



We now have an in game registration system you have to use that when signing up. To do so:

  1. Open up the EVE In-Game Browser (IGB)
  2. Go to this URL: https://www.eve-ivy.com/register.php

You will be asked to add that site to your trusted list. This is to check and see if your a member of Eve University or not and to get your character name here on the forums, which makes user handling a little easier. When registering like this, you will be put into the right user group right away and be able to see the hidden areas of the forum.

Once you have registered, you can log in to the forums using the name of the character you were logged in to Eve with as the username, and the password you typed in as password.

Reactivation - Inactivity

There's an activation script to allow inactive users to reactivate their account. This script also updates your corp information, so if you change corp, you should run this script to update the field under your name in posts that lists you corp, and it'll also update user groups so that your in the correct user group. The script can be found at https://www.eve-ivy.com/activate.php and can only be used with the in game browser.

Common Problems

Q: I get a black screen when I try to access the registration/activation page.

A: Try going to Options -> Trusted Sites on the in game browser and remove https://www.eve-ivy.com/ then try to register/activate again.

Now if anyone has any problems feel free to send Miraki, the E-Uni forum admin, an in game mail.

Showing the avatar

The avatar is grabbed directly from CCP servers by using your characterID. This is stored in the same way the corporation name is stored. If anyone is worried about the security of using your characterID for this, I'll just add that anyone can find you characterID if they know your characters name thanks to the API. If there is only an exclamation mark where your avatar image should be, this could mean 1 of two things:

  1. Your avatar isn't up on CCP servers yet, nothing you can do but wait.
  2. Your characterID isn't stored in your forum userprofile. This is easily fixed by doing the steps for reactivation listed above.

How to check whats the cause: You have to right click on the exclamation mark where your avatar should be, and choose image properties or something similar (varies a bit between browsers). Next you need to check the adress of the image. If it says https://www.img.eve.is/serv.asp?s=256&c= then you need to run the activation script, if it however says https://www.img.eve.is/serv.asp?s=256&c=935308063 (the number will be different for each character) then the image is just not up on CCP servers yet. Hopefully this will help a bit with those that cant get they're avatar to work.

Posting to the calendar

There have been some confusion as to what timezone to use when posting to the calendar on the forums. On the old forums this was as simple as use EVE time everywhere since that calendar didn't convert times based on the users timezone settings. The calendar we're now using does convert. This means two things:

  1. You have to make sure your timezone settings are correct. You can do this from the User Control Panel under Board preferences -> Edit global settings. To make sure it's correct just check the time at the top of the board index. It'll read "Current EVE Time: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM (Your local time)"
  2. You have to post calendar events with your local time for the event instead of EVE time. The calendar will convert the time to the local time of those viewing it, assuming they have the correct timezone settings aswell.

Thanks to an patch created for the calendar by Sable Blitzmann the calendar will now also display the EVE time for events created.

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