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Recruitment Officers are only arranged into timezones for your convenience – although you may speak with any RO, regardless of your or their timezone. Names carrying the (Senior) tag are Senior Recruitment Officers, experienced team members who are permitted to handle more complicated cases. If you've been directed to an SRO, you'll require a name with a tag.

Please keep in mind that our ROs are volunteers and are paid nothing for the work they do for the University. They are usually quite busy, but if you are having trouble contacting an available RO, copy and paste their names into the 'People and Places' search, right click them, and 'Add to Contact List'. This will then let you know when they sign on, with an alert in the bottom right of your screen.

EU Timezone

  • Alelsa (Senior/Training Manager)
  • Ceragor (Senior)
  • Chancellor November
  • Cian Korwin (Senior)
  • Crimson Aquila
  • Darian Reymont (Senior/Recruitment Manager)
  • Elorwyn
  • Eniri Takahashi (Senior)
  • HirschG
  • Kaein Soturus (Senior/Titles Manager)
  • Kaley Khanin
  • Kleinn (Senior)
  • Korr'tanas (Senior/Student Relations Manager)
  • manuel84
  • Meynn
  • Michael McLaren
  • milegrin (Senior)
  • Qato Vollan (Senior)
  • Wolfgang Shogaatsu

US Timezone

  • Aine Mindwolf
  • Arcturas Vostro (Senior)
  • BladeHeart (Senior)
  • Bedrone
  • Callin Vandylx (Mining Manager)
  • cogito maximo (Senior)
  • Dingansich
  • EDEN 42 (Senior)
  • Exodus Wrynn
  • Flay Geobukseon (Senior)
  • Grigg Grette (Senior)
  • Halfshadow
  • Lord Azori
  • Magnus Ambers
  • Neville Smit (Senior)
  • Rain Coehati (Senior)
  • Regulus Bloodmoon
  • Quodahn (Senior)
  • Scorpion Itawno
  • Shaft Vain
  • Shiu Juan
  • Shutaro
  • Thyphen

AU Timezone

  • Boleo Malinx
  • Darius Kavanagh (Senior)
  • Idree Battsetseg (Senior)
  • Kyria Thanatos
  • Luzxz (Senior)
  • Rhanah (Senior)
  • Skylanx
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