Using the Uni POS for research

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Using the Uni POS for research

Current as of 11 August 2009

NOTE: Due to Game Mechanics copy slots are not available. Only RESEARCH!

So you've got your blueprint original and you want to research it. How is this done with the Uni research labs? This guide is for you!

FIRST, before you drop a BPO in the Store Hangar, make sure there is an open slot. Any loose BPO's scattered on the floor are grabbed by the research staff and placed in a safe spot. Contact the Research Manager to get them back.

E-Uni has its own POS right here in scenic Aldrat, and while most of you will have only encountered it during fleet ops as a staging area, its there to give students access to the world of research and production.

That said, this guide isn't about research or production, its about getting your BPO into the lab and researching it to improve its effciency.

Step 1: Check if you're eligible for POS access

To have access to the POS you must either have the R&P Access or Graduate titles.

You'll also MUST have the Scientific Networking skill trained to at least level 1. Because the POS belongs not to E-Uni but to it's sister R&D corp, just flying to the POS is not an option.

The cost is currently 6,000 ISK per hour with no install cost, however please do not use more than 4 slots for ME and PL research each, and limit all research to no more than 14 days or one research level, whichever is higher. If you have a BPO that will go beyond the 14 day limit to achieve 1 level of research then you are limited to just that one slot. We cannot have people taking four slots for longer than 2 weeks at a time.

Step 2: Installing BPO to research wallet

Be docked at HQ (Aldrat, Pator Tech School) the first thing you need to do is:

Open the wallet, click on CORP wallet and change the selected/active wallet to the Ivy League Research Division wallet:

If you have access to multiple corp wallets, you have to change the division to Ivy League Research Division first.

Take your BPO and drop it into the Store hanger.

Once in there you want to right click on the BPO and select the type of research you require.

Material Research (ML) – The higher the level the less minerals used. Time Efficiency Research (PL) – The higher the level the faster it builds.

Step 3: Setting research parameters

You have chosen Material Research. A new window has appeared giving you some options. The ones to note are Installation and Runs.

If you want your BPO to have an ML of 100 then you enter 100 for the number of Runs. If you are researching a previously researched BPO the value you enter here will be added to the ML level already held. Example: the BPO has already been reserched to a ML of 20. If you now research it to 100, when it is done it will be ML 120.

Installation allows you to chose the POS slot you wish to use. Click on PICK INSTALLATION. In the new window you'll need to have RANGE set to Current Solar System and TYPE to Alliance to get the lab listing. Using the Activity box to select only the type you are interested in.

Step 4: Slot selection

If you have properly set up your filters you will see something similiar to this:

Clicking on a lab in the top portion of the window will present you with that labs slots, based on your filter criteria, in the window below. Go through the list and find an available slot (reflected by the green word NOW in the Next Free Time column), or should the labs all be busy, locate one with the least time left to run on its current job and you can que a job up in that slot. Once selected click on the Use Assemblyline button to return to initial install window at the start of Step 3. Ensure you've correctly entered the ML or PL you want in the Runs field. You can safely ignore the input/output field in the window.

Note: Once a job is started, cancelling it will not free up the slot and will not refund any isk.

When you're happy with your selection you can click on ok and move to the confirmation window.

Step 5: Ensuring accuracy

This is the last chance to check you've entered everything correctly and to see the fee for your requested research. This will also tell you how long the research will take.

Its important you make a note of the total cost since you will need to deposit that exact amount into the Research wallet in Step 7.

Step 6: Viewing the job as entered

The BPO is now researching. Any time after that, from any location in the universe, you can check up on the status of the job.

Click on the science and industry button and be presented with a listing of current jobs, install dates and end dates. Be certain to change if you are not in Aldrat. I always use Current Universe RANGE option to view the list as that covers all of Eve.

As with the slot filters, you need to make sure you have the correct search criteria. In this case, assuming you're in Aldrat, you'd have it as shown above. The last column on right lists end date. It is important that you always use the MY CORPORATION setting to view this list. All jobs are ran on behalf on Uni. If you select the ME option, nothing will show.

Step 7: Re-imbursing Uni the research fee

All initial costs are deducted from the Uni Research wallet. You now need to transfer isk from your personal wallet into the Research wallet.

If you've managed to deal with the myriad of windows and initiate a reseach job, I'm sure you can operate the wallet. However be sure to :

  • Select the IVY League research wallet

If you have access to multiple corp wallets, you have to set the change the division to Ivy Leage Research Division first.

  • Pay the correct amount (As noted in Step 5)
  • Enter a short text to describe why you are transferring isk. Example: Flameburst research

If you fail to do this it will be noticed and you may lose your access to the research slots.

Step 8: Having BPO returned when research is complete

Do not, under any circumstance attempt to deliver the job yourself. The Store hanger access is one way. You may drop blueprints in but you will not be able to take it out of the Store Hangar and you will break the custody tracking chain. Meaning, if you deliver it yourself, it will go to the store hangar and anyone that does have access there could take it with no evidence showing who it was.

Completed research jobs will be delivered to your hanger. Research staff check jobs for completion multiple times a day.

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