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TeamSpeak is a voice chat program. It allows servers to have chatrooms which people can join to talk to the other people in the room using microphones. For details of what to say when on TeamSpeak, see Voice procedure.

From their website:
"TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and server software. The server acts as a host to multiple client connections, capable of handling literally thousands of simultaneous users. This results in an Internet based teleconferencing solution that works in a variety of applications such as team mates speaking with one another while playing their favorite online game, small businesses cutting costs on long distance charges, or for personal communication with friends and family."


Why is it useful?

Teamspeak is mostly used in two situations: PvP and Classes. In PvP it is very useful because it is faster to call out a primary target than to type it, especially with PvP related lag. In classes it is great as well because we do not want our poor instructors getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing everything In effect, it is just a lot easier and faster than typing.

Eve University uses TS (Teamspeak) to teach classes and organize fleet ops effectively on a regular basis. Below is a guide to configure TS for use with the Eve University TS server written by Dierdra Vaal.

Dierdra's comprehensive noob-proof TeamSpeak guide

I have often talked people through connecting to TeamSpeak , and to save myself and other eve uni personnel a lot of work, I decided to make this guide. I am fairly certain I have made it noob proof, however the following quote does come to mind:

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rich Cook

We shall see, universe!

Where to get it?

PLEASE NOTE - The TeamSpeak 3 Client will NOT work when attempting to connect to the Eve University TeamSpeak Server. Insure you are using the TeamSpeak 2 Client when trying to connect

You can download it here:

How to set it up?

After installing (I am assuming everyone knows how to install software on their computer), You will first need to add the eve uni server, so you can connect to it. I will walk you through that.

Start Teamspeak. You should now see this:

We will add the EVE University server. Select Connection -> Connect.

Right-click on 'Server', and choose 'Add server

You should now see this

Select 'New Server', like so

And fill it in with the details. IMPORTANT: SERVER PASSWORD IS LISTED IN CORP (FROM NEO-CON): ALLIANCE: BULLETINS IN-GAME. You can set the label to whatever you like, your nickname must be your ingame character name, prefixed by your corp tag 'E-UNI', and Log In Anonymous.

Click the Connect button, and now you should see something like

Congratulations, you have just connected to our TeamSpeak server (\o/ yay). But if you look at your name, you'll see a (U) at the end.

The (U) means you are unregistered. Unregistered members are not able to join many channels on our server, so you'll need to register.

To register, you'll need to ask in corp chat for one of our server admins - E-UNI their name will be followed by (R SA) - to give you 'registration rights'. Once they (say that they) have done that, go to Self -> Register with server Note: please do not message people on TS to get registered, they will refuse to do so until you make a request in corp for security reasons, ask there and wait for assistance. If no one helps you, ask again later, they are probably busy. Note the text 'E-UNI Kassie grants you the right to register with the server' at the bottom

Fill in a login name and password like so, and press Register.

IMPORTANT: You must use your forum username, which is your character name for your TeamSpeak login name. We compare both to determine what accounts need access revoked and if you choose a different username, you WILL lose your TeamSpeak access and have to re-register!

Remember, your forum username and therefore TeamSpeak login name is NOT prefixed with E-UNI! We already know you are in E-UNI, and we use this to ensure everyone is who they claim to be. Assuming you reach student status in E-UNI before you leave, you will be able to retain Teamspeak access, so you then only need to change the nickname and won't need to re-register.

You should now see that your name ends with (R). To complete the registration, go back to Connection -> Connect, and change the following

Change 'Anonymous' to 'Registered' and fill in the login name and password you picked in the previous screen. Click the Connect button again.

You must now close teamspeak and re-open it. This will ensure that the account you set up works properly, and proves that you can log in. If you cant, you will need to contact an SA again and ask them to help.

Now we will change one thing in your sound settings. We shall change the input method from the default 'Voice activated' (it starts transmitting at a certain microphone volume level) to 'Push to Talk'. Not doing this can cause you to transmit when you dont mean to: when your friend/boss/mom calls, when you are watching porn or simply when someone else's voice comes through your speakers.

Go to Settings -> Sound Input/Output Settings. You should now see

Make sure it is set to Push To Talk, and NOT Voice Activation. To set a Push To Talk button, click the 'Set' Button, and press the mouse or keyboard key you'd like to use. As you can see I chose Caps Lock which causes me TO TALK IN ALL CAPS ON ACCIDENT sometimes, but it was the only key near my left hand that wasn't already bound to something =/

How to use TeamSpeak

To join a channel, double click on the channel name. In the screen shot below, I double-clicked on the channel 'PVP - Training', and by the bright green icon you can see Plutonian is talking (incidentally, he is also a server admin). Also in the channel with us is Kaddrel as you can see.

If you want to talk, press your Push To Talk key to start transmitting. Make sure your microphone is plugged in, that it is not muted and that it is loud enough. These settings are (usually) not teamspeak related, so I will not cover them here.

There is also an option for players to talk in 'Command Channel'. This is a private TeamSpeak channel which is only given to people in command positions (Fleet commanders, wing commanders, etc). Thanks to Aquadictus here is a short explanation of how to set your TS up for Command Channel. Note that this is ONLY for those who are command positions:

- First make sure you are channel commander. - Go in the menu bar to "SELF" and click once on the "CHANNEL COMMANDER" - Then your light in front of your name turns red and you are channel commander.

To set a 'own command channel' key: - Settings -> Key Settings -> Add

Then you get this screen:

There you select it as show. Then press the key-combination. I generally use ALT-GR / RIGHT ALT for it Then when you want to talk to the channel commanders only you press the ALT key in stead of your normal one

To set a 'all command channels' key: - Setting -> Key Setting -> Add

Then you get this screen

There you select it as show. Then press the key-combination.

The difference between these two keys pertains to who will receive your command broadcast.

'own command channel' will only broadcast to the Channel Commanders in YOUR current channel. This is used for fleet communications. ( FC to his WC, SC)

'all command channels' will broadcast to ALL Channel Commanders Server wide. This is used for relaying intel. (FC to Scouts, Scouts to FC, Fleet movement when two fleets are working together)

Creating Temporary Channels

All registered users have the ability to create temporary, 'unregistered' channels which can be used for any purpose. The creator of the channel also has 'Channel Admin' status, allowing them to moderate the channel as needed.

To create an unregistered channel:

  1. From the menu, click Channels then Create Channel
  2. Enter something relevent in the Name field, and optionally set a Password.
  3. Change the Codec to Speex 25.9 Kbit, the bottom option.
  4. Click Create Channel and you will be moved to your new channel.

Please remember however, as these channels are unregistered, they are automatically deleted once the last person leaves.

Helpful Programs

Teamspeak Overlay

TeamSpeak Overlay is a nice and handy 3rd party program that shows on your screen (even in EVE) who is currently talking on TeamSpeak. For more info, please read TeamSpeak Overlay Please note this program does not work for Windows Vista or higher. See below for a alternative

Voice Overlay

Voice Overlay is a background application that displays who is currently talking on TeamSpeak directly in your Eve windows. Very useful in fleets and other group event to see instantly who is speaking. To learn more about this and how to setup the program read the full page on the Voice Overlay (This program works on Windows Vista and higher)


NGists is a 3rd party program for owners of Logitech keyboards such as the G15 and G19.

From their website:
"NGists is an addon for the Logitech G15 keyboard that displays information about TeamSpeak on the keyboard's LCD display. You can also control TeamSpeak, to a limited degree, by using NGists and the G15 keyboard."
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