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Many of you have enjoyed the Eve University Media Archive, and I'm glad to provide the service.. but the Media Archive is no more! We've upgraded it, and now it's the Eve University Class Library! (It's like Tech 2!) It's now located at!

That's right, We're legit now, officially on the official site and everything! Never fear though, the old site still works too, and will function as a mirror for all those great classes!

The Eve University Class Library is an attempt to catalog and preserve all the important classes that the Uni produces. Since Eve is played around the globe, no matter what time a class is held, there is always someone who can't make it to the class. Preserving the recordings increases the value of the lesson, as anyone can listen to the class when their own schedule allows! Some of the classes have been in the library for nearly 2 years now, and have had hundreds of listeners.. some of whom weren't even playing Eve Online when the class was recorded!

Truly, class recordings are lessons that keep on teaching.

Here's where you come in!

The best recordings are made when the Instructor records the class. If you're an instructor, please consider recording your own classes. You can potentially teach thousands of people this way!

Most recordings are not made by the Instructor, they are made by someone attending the class. The Library wouldn't exist without the efforts of volunteer students who take it upon themselves to record classes and upload them! That's right, people like YOU who have been playing Eve for only a few weeks are contributing to the community by providing recorded classes.

Why you should absolutely tell Klaitu when you upload a class recording!

I don't know how many posts are made to the University forums each day, but it's a lot. Glancing through, it might not appear that many people record their classes.. but there are more than you might expect. The trick is finding them.. finding all of them. Every month or so, I'll comb through all the posts looking for new class recordings, and despite my best efforts, I often will find class recordings that I entirely missed on my previous search-through.

So, I've created a thread here on the forums. If you've recorded a class, just post a link to it so that I can spot the recording and make sure it's added in the next update! It's located here.

Other services that the Library can provide.

The Class Library has an additional benefit of showing us which classes are offered the most, and which classes are offered the least. If you're a new Instructor, and you want to make your own mark, you would be wise to select a topic that isn't dealt with in the Library at all. You might also make a splash by doing a class which updates an outdated class.

In this way, potential instructors can see what classes have good coverage, and which have poor coverage. Then, they can make informed choices about what classes are needed.

Transplant Test

This list is just a wiki test.

Name Instructor Duration
Recorded Size
The Dark Side of Eve Disco Uncertainty 87.04 2009-11-12 14.2 Guest Lecture. CONCORD mechanics, Suicide Ganking, Corporate Theft, Piracy.
Introduction to Electronic Warfare Dierdra Vaal 104.59 2009-10-23 12.1 The Basics of Electronic Warfare. Modules and fittings. 2008 Version
Living in Nullsec Erestas Drake 128.19 2009-11-21 14.8 General Information, determining when you are ready, finding a corp, what to bring, how to make ISK.
The Dominion Expansion Erestas Drake 52.14 2009-11-30 16.16 How Apocrypha differs from Dominion.
Small Ship PvP TeaDaze 120.08 2009-11-15 13.8 Guest Lecture: Teadaze is an instructor for Agony Unleashed's PvP courses, and is an alliance tournament commentator. Fitting, Overheating, Transversal/Tracking.