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During war, Eve University and Ivy League uses a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), typically referred to as the "War SOP".

These are part of a carefully crafted war doctrine, based on years of experience in EVE, that is intended to bring the war to a quick close by denying the war's entertainment or profit value to the enemy, and by frustrating or even boring the enemy at every chance we get, while still meeting the University's educational goals by teaching students how to fight wars. To that end, the SOP is intended to:

  • Deny the enemy easy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
  • Deny the enemy easy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
  • Deny the enemy any kills of high-value ships that will look good on his killboard.
  • Deny the enemy any chance to banter or smack talk with us.
  • Ensure that the enemy's only contact with Eve University is losing his ships to our overwhelming war fleets.


Restrictions and Requirements

Default SOP

When there is a currently live war, or the IVY Defence Status listed on the message of the day in Chat.E-UNI is DEFCON 1, the below rules are automatically in place.

  1. If you are in space at any time, you must be connected to and able to listen on Teamspeak.[1]
  2. Autopilot may only be used to plot your course and highlight stargates. All maneuvers in space must be executed manually.[2]
  3. Missions, Ratting, Complexes, Exploration sites are prohibited in k-space.[3]
  4. Hauling, Mining, and similar activities are prohibited in all locations at all times.[4]
  5. You must not go AFK while in space. Either log out or ensure you are docked before you leave.[5]
  6. While fleet composition is left up to the Fleet Commander, all combat must be while in a fleet of at least two E-UNI pilots[6][7] and must still follow normal fleet composition rules.
  7. All fleets must enable Loot Logging when formed, and follow the War Loot Policy for any war-target kills.[8]
  8. Some Ships[9], Modules and Rigs[10] are restricted without explicit written permission from the Fleet Admiral. Any ships found undocked which breach these restrictions are subject to the process listed in the Violations section and may be destroyed.

During Relaxed SOP Only

The "Relaxed SOP" is a modification to the Default SOP which allows E-UNI members to engage in limited PvE activity without dropping from the corporation. Management will notify E-UNI members when Relaxed SOP is in effect via the Message of the Day Chat.E-UNI and an eve-mail to the alliance.

  1. Missioning (agent missions) may be run in a fleet of at least three E-UNI members[6].
  2. All fleet members must be in the same mission space and together at all times.
  3. All ships must be fitted for PvP combat, and be ready to engage a hostile target.
  4. Courier/mining/non-combat missions are still prohibited and must be performed using an out-of-corp alt.
  5. Ratting, Complexes, Exploration sites are still prohibited in k-space.
  6. All other rules remain in place as listed in the Default SOP.

Non Fleet Operations and Lockdowns

Non Fleet Activities

Non fleet activities are those which are not conducted while a member of a fleet, such as testing ship loadouts, setting bookmarks and configuring the overview. These are the defaults, unless overridden with a lockdown for the specific area.

  • You may undock, but any activity which leaves you stationary or with split focus must be done at the POS.
  • At all times that you are undocked, you must watch the local chat channel and must either dock or enter the POS shield if war-targets enter the system.
  • Travelling (moving alone between systems) must either be done in a Shuttle, Rookie Ship or Tackler frigate, and you must ensure there are no war-targets in local at each system you enter, ensuring you dock immediately if there are.
  • If moving in any other ships, you must be travel fit until you reach your destination. This means all low-slots are filled with Warp Core Stabilizers and the mid-slots are filled with an appropriate shield buffer tank. Your normal PvP fittings can be carried in the hold, and if at all possible someone should be moving ahead of you in a small, fast ship, checking the next system is clear of war-targets.


From time to time it may be necessary for ILN Officers or Directors to issue a 'lockdown' in alliance evemail for a specific system or region due to a current threat from war-targets in a specific area. In extreme circumstances (such as server instability) a full Eve-wide lockdown may be issued, which includes all members, including those in fleets. A lockdown means that:

  • When the lockdown is called, those within the affected area should dock immediately unless already in an active fleet.
  • Those within the specified area must be in an active fleet before they undock.
  • Traveling or moving any ships in the area specified is prohibited without an active fleet.
  • Lockdowns are in place until lifted by an ILN Officer or Director.

Promoted Activities

It is expected that the majority of those declaring war on E-UNI will fail to prosecute it fully, leaving times when there are no war-targets to hunt. With this in mind, the following options are available at all times, including during lockdowns:

  1. Fleet operations in LoSec and NullSec. There are always pirates and other hostiles to hunt.
  2. Wormhole Operations. Fleets must remain fit for combat, and still may not engage in mining.
  3. Station Trading. Remember that moving cargo (items not for your current ship) is prohibited while using an E-UNI character.
  4. Use of an out-of-corp character or alt for Missions, Mining and Hauling. Many missions may be accepted on your E-UNI character but performed with an alt.
  5. Dropping form E-UNI and rejoining at the end of the war. There are no penalties for this, and those doing so retain access to the channels and majority of resources of E-UNI.


In the event of a violation of the above restrictions, ILN personnel are to follow the process below, leading to destruction of a members ship and pod if they do not respond.

If at any time the subject 'wakes up', then must be ordered to dock immediately, or if the subject refuses to cooperate, or a war-target appears on-grid, then the personnel are authorised to skip straight to destruction of the subjects ship or pod.

  1. Try to convo, evemail and get their attention via alliance and corp chat.
  2. Fire a single warning shot.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Warp scram and web target, fire second shot.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Destroy ship.
  7. Collect loot, vaporize or salvage the wreck immediately and place the remains on contract to the subject.
  8. Repeat with Pod if needed.

This may seem harsh, but denying the war-targets kills of the 'easy targets' they expect has shown to end the war significantly quicker than normal, and there can be no excuse for not knowing the rules.


Below are expanded and clarified elements of the Ivy League Policies and SOP. It is also suggested that members check the Do's and Don'ts During War article for tips and explanations as to why the rules are as they are.


  1. Remember that no communication channels are ever 100% secure, so ensure that all information on targets or fleet composition is limited to Corp and Alliance channels. Remember to mention the formation of the fleet in the private Chat.E-UNI channel for any members who are logged in on alts.
  2. It is important that all members ensure they do not discuss the war anywhere other than the private E-UNI channels and forums. This rule includes any alts and those who have left E-UNI for the duration of the war and expect to return.
  3. Only Directors, ILN Captains and above may talk to war targets in the local channel. Let your modules do the talking for you.
  4. As you never know if a war target is in local with an alt, there is to be no communication in local at any time, short of those listed in rule #3
  5. Fleet Commanders are authorized to say "GF" (good fight) in local after combat, or to answer questions from neutrals regarding the fleet. That is all.
  6. Actions or behavior that damage the morale of E-UNI is not permitted. If you do not like the restrictions, then you may leave for the duration of the war and still retain access to the majority of resources. Repeated issues may end up with a director doing this for you, and may adversely affect your ability to return.

Pickets, Scouting and Exploration

Commonly confused, pickets and scouting are similar with with differing purposes.


A picket will typically sit static and cloaked on the far side of a gate or similar location, providing early warning in the event of an incoming war-target. Picket frigates not part of a fleet operation should always sit at least 175-250km away from the gate in a random direction, not aligned with any celestial objects. They also typically be fly a Tackler Frigate fitted with a Tech 1 prototype cloak and 'travel' fit.


Scouting is the act of moving ahead of a fleet, providing intel as to the state of the next location, or following the fleet one jumb behind, to identify any pursuing targets. Scouts must fly a T2 Covert Ops Frigate with a Covert Ops Cloak only. Stealth bombers are not to be used as scouts. Scouts must be attached to a fleet at all time - scouting solo is pointless - and scouts do not engage in combat at any time, maintaining their cloak at all times. Because they should never be visible, experienced scouts flying the relevant ship may use a Faction probe launcher at their discretion.


Exploration, often confused with scouting, is the act of using a scan-probe launcher to locate wormholes or exploration sites. This should be done either from the POS, or a deep safespot in a combat ship. Alternatively use out-of-corp alts to identify wormholes, and members are reminded that all exploration sites are off-limits in k-space. Remember that you must still be in an active fleet, and they must be with you during the scans.

Requests for Clarification

All requests for clarification must be made directly to the directors. If in doubt, avoid the element which is unclear until clarified.


For new players, its not immediately obvious why the rules are as they are. Below are some explanations to some of the more common questions.

  1. ^ In the event you need to be contacted, or there is important information, TeamSpeak is the fastest way to contact members.
  2. ^ Even in the fastest ships, autopilot leaves you vulnerable for over 10 seconds, and it only takes one or two it catch you.
  3. ^ You can be scanned down in a mission or similar in a matter of seconds, and not long after that war targets can be right on top of you.
  4. ^ Industrial ships of all kinds are never suited to any form of combat, and move very slowly, making them easy to catch.
  5. ^ It only takes a few seconds to scan you down wherever you are in space.
  6. ^ a b This means multiple individuals, rather than one person with multiple accounts.
  7. ^ War-targets declare war for easy ganks, and don't tend to fly alone so you won't find many one-on-ones.
  8. ^ War loot is sold and the proceeds used to fund ship replacements for those who lose their ships during wars.
  9. ^ The ships listed either require a great deal of experience to use well, or are simply not suitable for combat.
  10. ^ We fly cheaply fitted ships to deny the war-targets any valuable loot from what ships they manage to destroy.
  11. ^ Smaller ships in E-UNI fleets are typically cheaply fit and used as tacklers and EWAR, so do not last long in combat, meaning rigs are not worthwhile in these roles. Rigs also allow you to fit or fly a ship not suited to your skills in its role, where you are better off flying something smaller or easier to fit.
  12. ^ These ships are typically used in a damage dealing role, and have buffer tanks, so are are less likely to be lost in our typical short engagements.
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