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Hello and Welcome to Eve University. We are EVE Online's premier learning institution. This page is here to help get you started in the Uni step by step.

Your First Steps in Eve University

  1. Say Hello to your new corpmates in chat.e-uni, as you should have just been introduced by your Recruiting Officer. Eve University is a friendly bunch, so do not hesitate to ask questions there.
    Do NOT type in the Alliance channel until you have read about fleet ops (these are covered later on in this document).

  2. Bookmark this page, the Eve University Consolidated Information wiki page, and the Ivy League website in your IGB (In-Game Browser). The site works both in and out of game.

  3. Register for forum access by using the in game browser: https://www.eve-ivy.com/register.php. The forums are crammed with useful information.
    • If you have previously registered to the forums, for example as a "Eve High" member, you will need to reset your membership to pickup the Eve University access by accessing https://www.eve-ivy.com/activate from in game.
    • If the registration page is blank and/or does not load, it may not have properly been set to "TRUSTED". You must then manually add the page to the list of trusted sites in the in game browser.
  4. Introduce yourself on the Hi & Bye forum and help us get to know you better.

  5. Set Up Voice Communication. Install and setup TeamSpeak 2. Teamspeak is required for fleets and classes. Teamspeak Guide

  6. Understand what you can and can't do. Ensure you read the Ivy League Policies, as you will be expected to follow them at all times.

  7. Configure your ship overview. Read Varius Arcturus' Overview Guide to understand and configure your overview to the Eve University standard. Required for fleets operations.

  8. Check the corporate bulletins. The bulletins are available in the NeoCom interface on the left side of the screen in game, in the Corporation section. There are two locations for bulletins, under the Home tab and under the Alliances tab. You'll find our passwords and Teamspeak info under the alliances bulletins.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this new "Alliance" tab?

Eve University is part of the Ivy League Alliance. Since Eve University is effectively Ivy League we don't use the Alliance for communicating with other corps in the alliance. Rather we use alliance to organize fleet operations. Please keep general chat in "Chat.E-Uni". Do not, under any circumstances, type into Alliance unless you are forming a fleet or joining one, and only then by following the standard uni protocols on doing so. A good rule to follow is: if you do not know what you are and are not allowed to type here, do not type in it.

The Eve University "Corp" tab is used for Eve University specific requests such as TeamSpeak access, skillbook requests, items from the hangars etc. Please keep general chat in "Chat.E-Uni".

  • War? War? What does that mean to me?

When Eve University is at war, the Ivy League Navy takes control and implements the War Time Policy.

You should read the Wartime Checklist to make sure you are ready for war.

  • The basics are explained below:
    • What is a wardec? It means you can and will get shot in any system of any security level and anytime without repercussions.
    • What are the uni wartime rules? No mining, no hauling, no missioning, no ratting, no flying around without permission.
    • When can I undock? Basic rule: If there's no lockdown and there are no wartargets in local you can undock. Look at local chat member list to check for wartargets (Recognizable by the red background, white star icon). Contact an intel coordinator (check bulletins) and ask if its safe for you to travel to Aldrat. Travel as fast as possible (warp to zero, no AFK/autopilot travelling!) and dock up instantly if you see a wartarget appear in local.
    • What is a lockdown? ILN officers ranked Captain or higher have the ability to order a "lockdown", which means NOBODY is allowed to undock from any station or any system in Eve unless you have permission or are in/joining a combat fleet. DO NOT undock until you get orders from your Fleet Commander to undock from the specific station you are located in. Lockdowns are usually posted in Alliance mail. Make sure you read your mails (both corp/alliance) when you log in to know if there's a lockdown active at a given moment in time. "I missed the mail" is no excuse for losing your ship during a lockdown.
    • Isn't that boring? Yes, in most cases war and lockdowns are boring and you might be in station for quite a long time without doing anything. Rest assured that these rules have been developed over a period of five years and are in your best interests!
    • What happens if I break these rules? Depending on what you did you'll get either a very unpleasant conversation with a director or just be kicked from the Uni for the duration of the war.
  • What are EveMon and EFT?

These are popular applications used by many players to plan skills and ship fittings. EveHQ is an application that has similar functions. A list of useful third party applications and web sites can be found on the 3rd Party Tools page.

  • What is a fleet and how does it work?

First off, start by reading The Rookie's Guide to Fleet Ops. Make sure your Teamspeak and overview are configured, then join a fleet being called in Alliance.

  • How do the classes and events work?

Classes and events are posted in the forums by an instructor or organiser in the Classes forum. They are then set at a date and a link to the thread appears on the calendar. Most classes are presented by voice using TeamSpeak. They may involve working as a fleet and may require you to be logged in. The chat channel class.e-uni is used for questions, links and other text based feedback.

  • How can I join a class?

To join a class first check the calendar. There is a link to the calendar at the top of the forums along with search, profile, logout etc. The calendar shows all scheduled classes and events. Click on one of them to find out more information. Make sure you convert the time correctly and show up and ready for the class! Eve Time = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

  • What about the Eve University Class Library?

Go check out the Class Library and the How To Guides & Videos section of the forum. All sorts of valuable recorded classes and knowledge for your perusal.

  • Whats this about a skillbook program?

And with the unbelievable offer of Eve University membership, we will throw in the Skillbook Program as an additional bonus! To request a skillbook, ask in Corp chat if someone is available to get some skillbooks, and type up the skillbooks you would like to have. Only skillbooks under 1 million ISK are available. Read The Skillbook Program wiki article for more information.

The Graduates [TGRAD] have an advanced learning skillbook program available for half price to Uni members under 6 months old that have the Freshman title or above.

  • What is this I hear about a mentorship program?

The Eve University runs a mentor program where you provide us with details about your playtime, play style and areas you are interested in learning about, and we will attempt to match you with a mentor who will guide you and provide one on one advice.

  • What services are available at Eve University Headquarters?

The University headquarters may be found in the Aldrat system, at the Pator Tech School station (referred to as "'Drat" and "PTS" respectively).

We offer a corporation hangar, loaded with a huge variety of modules, frigates, skill books and ammunition. For security reasons, you must earn titles before you have direct access to the corp hangar, however you are encouraged to ask other corp members with the relevant access to fetch what you need from the hangars, especially when fitting out your ship for fleet operations.

  • Apparently I should get a 'jump clone'. What are they, and where can I get them?

All pilots in Eve have a 'medical clone' which acts as a 'respawn point' when your capsule or 'pod' is destroyed.

There is a second type of clone you may purchase, known as a jump clone, which is a spare body for your pilot where, when docked, you can 'jump' your consciousness into the jump clone, wherever it is in Eve, and then use it as you would your previous body. Your previous body then becomes a jump clone which you can return to in the same way.

Additional details and locations for corporate jump clone services can be found in the Jump Clone Guide.

  • Everyone is saying o/ or o7, what do they mean?

o/ is a person waving hello or goodbye. o7 is a person saluting. There is also a handy lexicon on the wiki which contains a list of the common acronyms and terms used in Eve.

  • Where can I ask questions?

When you are in game, most questions can be answered by other members in the "Chat.E-Uni" channel, and out of game you can post questions on the forums, which are very well frequented by both current members and former members.

A more detailed list of available chat channels and mailing lists is available in the corporate bulletins.

  • The University is a large corporation, how do I meet fellow members with similar interests?

The first place to look would be in various chat channels. Exploration.E-UNI is the channel for exploration, from scanning to wormholes. Industry.E-UNI is the channel mining, research, production and marketing. Missions.E-UNI is the channel for mission runners and the standings fleet. Command.ILN is the channel for PVPers and those interested in fleet command.

There are also different channels on our Teamspeak server. There is a general chat channel, and various other channels for exploration, industry, mission, and fleet operations.

  • I have negative standing with the Amarr / Caldari / Gallente / Minmatar faction, is that going to be a problem?

If your standings with an empire faction go below -5, you will not be able to enter their space without being shot. We usually recommend declining empire faction kill missions to avoid being in this situation. Having -5 or below standings with an empire faction can cause problems during war fleets, lowsec patrols, wormhole ops, and many other circumstances.

When you have -2 or below standing with a faction, only the Level 1 Quality 0 agents and below will be available to grind standings, which could be a lengthy process.

You can check mission information before accepting or declining on Eve Survival.

  • Should I join the militia?

The Advanced Warfare tutorial gives a Letter of Recommendation which new players can use to join the militia without having to grind standings. However, if you join the NPC militia, or any other player-run Faction Warfare corporation, you will no longer be a member of Eve University.

For more information on Factional Warfare, click here.

  • Is there anything else I should know about?

If you haven't done so already, check out the Getting Started In Eve Online page.

You might want to look at our Tips & Tricks page for miscellaneous advice on a variety of subjects.

General information about our services can be found in the Eve University Consolidated Information page.

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